Indoor Sports Hall

This sports hall used our Tecoled 200w LED High Bay as a replacement for 400w Metal Halide High Bays.

We achived:

46800kWh of savings per year. This results in over €6,000 of savings per year!

60% energy savings as a result of Tecoleds 200w LED High Bay v 460 watt Metal Halide High.

Reduced maintenance costs as a result of longer LED lifetime

LED technology is instant strike (it reaches full brightness immediately after switching on) This is not the case with Metal Halide and so they are an ideal choice in areas where the lights need to be turned on and off frequently.

Reduce the risk of fire due to the low temperature of the LED luminaire.

Improved quality of lighting and contrast thanks to LED lamps with high colour rendering Ra> 80, and the cold light colour 5500K.