• professional LED flood lamp model: TL-FLCXA5080070-20 R4H
  • Power: 70 Watt
  • Lifetime L70: > 100 000 hours
Cree CXA LED Flood Lamp 70Watt IP65, 145Lm/Watt
100.00 zł
LED Flood Light 135Watt - 230VAC
LED Flood Light 135Watt - 230VAC
  • professional led flood light model: TL-AFLN120
  • output power 120 Watt, input voltage 230VAC, average lifetime +50 000 hours
  • power: 135 Watt
  • nominal flux: 10800 lm


IES files for Dialux IES files for Dialux


led flood lights IP65 - data sheetled flood lights  models TL-AFLN 35, 70, 100, 135, 165 and 200 Watt


Certificates - CE, FCC, RoHS






Professional series of LED Flood Light with top quality USA led chips Bridgelux. Fixtures were specially designed to replace conventional lighting in indoor applications. Very low profiles and lightweight design make them ideal for many applications such as warehouses, cold storage etc.
These lamp versatility allows for pendant, bracket or surface mounting. Easy to install, requiring no additional ballast. Maintenance free, no bulbs replacement over years. Reducing CO2 emissions, ecologically friendly, longer life than incandescent and fluorescent lamps. No mercury contained constant current design, solid state, high shock and vibration resistant. Product is in accordance with CE, FCC and RoHS testing standards.



Professional LED High Bay with Mean Well PSU


LED Flood Light - Parameters:

LED power: 120 Watt
High Power LED Qty: 120
Lamp power: 135 Watt
Input voltage: 90-264VAC 50/60Hz
Initial flux: 12000 lm
Nominal flux: 10800 lm
PSU efficiency: > 90% (230VAC)
Power factor: > 0.95
Lighting angle: 120°

Colour rendering index: (Kolor 3000-3500K) Ra = 80, (Kolor 5000-5500K) Ra > 75
Environmental temperature: -30/+50℃
Environmental humidity: 10 - 90%RH
Lifetime: +50 000 godzin
Fixture dimension: 525 x 400 x 186 mm
Fixture weight: 9.2 kg
Packing dimension: 580 x 445 x 210 mm
Packing weight: 10.8 kg

Illumination information 50% beam angle:
Height (H=7 m): Ф24m, center illumination >74 lux, average illumination >16 lux
Height (H=8 m): Ф28m, center illumination >57 lux, average illumination >12 lux
Height (H=9 m): Ф31m, center illumination >45 lux, average illumination >10 lux

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